Signing a letter of intent


The letter of intent sets out the principles of cooperation between MDI ENERGIA S.A. and GRIFFIN GROUP ENERGY in the scope of combining the competences of the Parties. The aim is to develop a comprehensive offer focused on the customer interested in investing in renewable energy sources, especially photovoltaics, together with its own energy storage. As well as joint implementation of such projects in which MDI ENERGIA S.A. will be the general contractor and GRIFFIN GROUP ENERGY will be the supplier of energy storage solutions.




MDI ENERGIA SA successively implements projects in the renewable energy sector. As a general contractor, the Company offers comprehensive servics. From formalities to design and execution.

The current pioneering technological concept developed together with GRIFFIN GROUP ENERGY assumes the possibility of building a photovoltaic farm and a biogas plant with an energy storage. This is the first solution of this type on the Polish market. We believe that the synergy of competences and many years of experience of both companies will bring the optimal solution for investors and, consequently, increase the benefits of building installatios.